What Are Indie Games And How to Get Started

Indie games are also called Independent video games, these are developed by the groups without much investment. The Indie games are developed with new innovations and independence on newer ideas, they were first designed during 1980 using shareware.

Due to the rise in video game development tools the games become popular during 2000. The first Indie game designer was Joyce Weisbecker in the year 1976, which was an independent contractor for RCA, later in 1990 using shareware the indie games were shared between many people.

The indie games have become popular among youngsters and adolescent people. The growth in the market has made indie games to be purchased from online shopping and digital distribution.

Indie games are designed by individual people and published independently. Most of the Indie games have similar characteristics, smaller compared with mainstream titles, they are designed by low budget video game publishers.

The Indie games are designed between a small team and have independent ideologies without restrictions. After the indie games are designed, they need a publisher or community support for distribution in digital streaming.

Indie games are more profitable in the online marketing stream since retail marketing is more difficult than online.

How to Start Indie Games

For starting indie games, it doesn’t require any formal studio support, incorporation, business logo or sharemarket agreements. The indie games is a tough task to design and promote among people. Indie games are doesn’t require any big setup for game development.

  • First, you need to select the gaming studio name, google helps to show you the availability of the name and match with URL, you need to register a company with government and provide liability protection.
  • Perfect game business plan, what we are going to make, how we are going to do it, how much budget required for game designing, how are we going to promote the game, how we are going to sell the game
  • If you planning to set up office find the perfect location to set up a physical location for office space and fill it with required stuff
  • If you are planning to work remotely, installed with the required software and plan accordingly
  • Prepare a proper agreement containing team details, investors or partner details, containing standard templates
  • Clearly make project management process, roles, and responsibilities
  • A Proper vision of game plan and focus on the game that is been designed

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