Indie Games Marketing Trends

Indie games are developed with independent ideologies and thought by smaller groups. The players for gaming has increased to 2.3 billion throughout the world.

The growth of the gaming market has made many new gaming platforms, in this competition there many factors that need to be considered to withstand there place in the market. The Indie games are popular and profitable game designing work.

Best Visual Effects

The visual effects create interest among people and attract many. The games were a first decision based on graphics effects but later as the gaming market widens the first impression makes people play the game like the one Hyper Beam. The audio effects have also become a major factor, the trailer of the game decides the gaming levels and interest over it.

Don’t Rely on Bigger Sites

The game developer always has a thought to make their game appear on bigger sites to get popular but the truth is, the popular sites don’t accept indie games because of the standard audience and the game platform differs.

It is always recommended to focus on indie specific gaming sites and independent platforms.

Growth of Discord

The Discord was initially launched in 2015 that increased the indie gaming community, they increase the exposure of many indie games. They provide chat in text and voice format to communicate between people and share their experience.

The Fortnite Effect

The Fortnite effect was first created in 2017 for battle games, which has about 200 million players. The game is designed in a way that many people stay on the battleground and fight for their lives. This marketize indie games and make it popular

Mobile Gaming

The usage of mobile has risen in recent decades even in gaming. The advancement in mobile phones like graphics and gameplay has made people use their mobile for gaming purposes also.

In 2016 the popular mobile gaming was Pokeman, then in 2018 Fortnite battle royale was popular and as the trend increases day by day.

Annual Income

The investment for designing Indie games are less but due to the increase in living cost, there must be a stand return income, to develop you and your gaming stream.

There must be a regular income from Indie games, always need to be updated regularly and develop new thoughts.

Steam Bubble

The steam bubble opened a big platform for games to publish their games under one platform, the algorithms were designed according to it.

But due to the bug in the algorithm, there was a huge drop-off in games, this made sales and revenue down later they were fixed but the stream down in traffic was reported permanent.

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