HYPER BEAM is a twin-stick action arcade game for iOS (iPhone only) that puts you right in the middle of a fight for survival.


HYPER BEAM is a twin-stick action arcade game for iOS (iPhone only) that puts you right in the middle of a fight for survival. The premise is simple – control two players as one linked by an energy beam and you have to survive endless waves of enemies by dodging and destroying them. With every enemy destroyed, the beam charges. Once it’s fully charged, unleash hyper mode to transform into a much more powerful beam and devastate incoming enemies. Stay vigilant and agile to survive the vicious onslaught of enemy ships.

Moreover, you have the option of choosing between several different types of beams that have their own hyper mode styles and behaviors. The game features 5 levels (sectors). Once all 5 are cleared, sector Infinity unlocks and the game becomes truly endless.


TL;DR: If you’re looking for a minimalist mobile game that will exceed your expectations, HYPER BEAM is a twin-stick, arcade game that quickly becomes addicting.”


“Fast paced, full of enemies and ridiculously fun, HYPER BEAM is challenging in a way other mobile games can only dream of.”


Hyper Beam is so fun and so addictive that you will play it until your thumbs cramp up from exhaustion. And then some! Seriously, this game has it all: incredibly gripping gameplay, flawless controls, stylish visuals, an electrifying soundtrack, and a burgeoning community of high-score chasers to compete against. I can’t recommend it enough.”


“All in all, Hyper Beam is a pleasure to play/experience. It has a “one more time” vibe to it that I can’t shake off. It’s mechanics are unique and the game itself is polished/simple. I’m definitely a fan.”


“Rinikulous Games continues to think outside the box when it comes to iOS gaming. If you like attractive minimalist design, space, and bullet-hell action with inventive touch controls, you’d be well-served to give HYPER BEAM a try. You won’t survive long, but what a life it will be!” 



Aside from its gameplay mechanics, HYPER BEAM could be viewed as yet another metaphor for life – a simplified version of life’s complicated nature, tribulations and hurdles. Navigating, dodging and fighting constant waves of multiple dangers and threats, planning and remembering what you’ve gone through, learning as you go… all these are meant to make you resilient, determined and patient. The inevitable nature of failure gives you two choices: pick yourself up and try again protecting the bond or let the memory of your attempts fade away.

HYPER BEAM’s twin-stick controls, the constraints of (limited) screen space, complimentary music and sound effects, minimal art direction, and enemy and beam behaviors all create an unique experience that puts the player in a position to embrace the inevitable nature of survival.

Our design philosophy is simple – minimal UI and UX interactions, and focus on gameplay. We aimed for an intuitive design and content flow to make it easy for the player to navigate through all sections of the game without ever doubting the meaning of a single interaction.

As far as gameplay is concerned, we made sure that, one, nothing clutters the player’s view – only necessary interface elements are included to provide the player with information vital to his/her survival/success, and two, the game’s difficulty ramps up with every sector reached – by sector 5, the player’s planning, dodging and destroying skills are really tested. Every design element is derived more or less from the circle shape – enemies, players and hyper modes.

Unlike other games in its category, HYPER BEAM doesn’t employ unnecessary visual effects to convey its purpose. The game is aware of its visual language, limitations, and what it’s gameplay mechanics are trying to accomplish –survive by dodging, destroying and getting hyper.