Best Indie Games Of All Time

Indie games are designed by a smaller group with independent ideas and without any restrictions. Since for every, decade new indie games are available in the market, the old one gets unnoticeable.

The digital distribution has madeĀ  The internet world has made new exposure to the much-emerging gaming world. We have collected the best indie games of all time.

Best Indie Games

1. The Binding Of ISAAC: Rebirth

The game was designed by Nicalis, the game is to shoot out tears of the boy, it’s an adventure game that creates a great impact in domestic abuse faced by the boy, there are many levels to cross the game that is based on brain activity games.

2. Furi

The game was designed by the game bakers, using the platform of PC, PS4, XB1, switch during 2016. Furi is a game that is where it uses guns and bullets, it uses the best soundtrack, visual effect, the games can be visualized using neon nightmare settings, and they create a more interesting gaming experience.

3. Braid

The game was developed by Jonathan Blow, Hothead Games, Number None using the platform PC, PS3, 360, PSP. The game is designed with a prince of Persia in retro style, puzzle game.

4. Amid Evil

The game uses GOG, steam, humble platforms. Amid Evil uses Doom and Hexen shooters with innovative ideas in retro style. The game makes shooting games more interesting and moves to more levels.

5. Risk of Rain 2

The risk of rain game is built with 3D shooting protect from enemies, it is designed with the PC platform. The game is designed for multiplayer, it contains many characters and inventive items. The game is updated required and steam early access.

6. Cadence of Hyrule

The game is designed in Nintendo Switch, it’s an action game that is designed with music effects. The legend of Zelda makes dungeons and fight against attackers and run over the level of games.

7. Rise & Shine

The game is developed by a super mega team that is published by PC, PS4, XB1 during the year 2017. The game is designed with run and gun situations. The game gives homage to heroes throughout all levels.

8. Hotline Miami

The game was developed by Dennaton games using the platform PC, PS4, PS3, Vita, Android. The game is designed to run throughout the game, jump through hurdles, pass through many levels and save people.

9. Rogue Legacy

The game is developed by Cellar door games, it uses the platform PC, PS4, PS3, Vita, XB1. Death occurs after every quest to conquer the castle, you will face many hurdles to save a life. The game crosses many distractions and saves lives.

10. Firewatch

The game is developed by Campo Santo using the platform PC, PS4, Ps4, XB1, switch. Firewatch is an adventure game that shoots the enemies by claiming over buildings and shoot them using laser guns. There are many levels to pass through many levels and protect them, enemies.

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