"...And if I’m being honest, during my time with it, I swore profusely at the game. I rage quit it repeatedly. I genuinely almost hurled my iPhone at the wall out of sheer frustration a couple of times … and yet I always felt compelled to return to it. To try just that little bit harder the next time. And that, my friends, is how good of a game Lonely Sun is; no matter how badly it kicks your ass, you’ll keep coming back for more."

- 4.5/5 ifanzine

"If you've always wanted to control gravity this new app might appeal to you."


"Hands down and without question, Lonely Sun is a minimalist-inspired beauty of a game."


"Even just loading Lonely Sun leaves you with a good feeling. It’s just so pretty. The gentle JJ Abrams style solar flare, the geometric yet beautiful objects and the use of tone to give a feeling of texture and depth."


"I urge folks to try to and push past the first level. If you like difficult yet addicting platformers it’s hard not to recommend a game that costs as much as a soda, but be warned, that price goes up if you end up smashing your screen."

4/5 - Hey poor player

"Additionally, the difficulty of Lonely Sun serves to make a point, and the entire game is about the journey and the struggle towards completion. It’s a fantastic experience that you won’t need to play more than once, as it’s bound to stick with you."


"The graphics are amazing for an iPhone game. If you’re going to make a game that seems to be so simple but ends up taking you longer then a law degree to get past a stage it needs to have great graphics, and this one does."

4.8/5 - IOS ETC

"This game helps make you feel like you do have a bit of control of your life. It helps put things in perspective and slows your world down to pace that helps you relax."


"If you are looking for something gorgeous with a simple premise that promises you some difficulty, this space themed app is absolutely for you."

90% rating - the smartphone app review

"If you're into minimalism, you'll like the looks and sound, and if you're into physics games that rely on skill and precision more than puzzles, you'll love the gameplay."

9/10 - keengamer



"The first thing you'll notice about Lonely Sun is that it looks like a million dollars."

- feedmyapp

"It blatantly defies categorization, as is evident in its entirety as a game."

5/5 - iphone apps review online

"Lonely Sun is like no other that I have played before."

8.4/10 - apps and applications

"The graphics and storyline offered in Lonely Sun are both fresh and exciting."


"LONELY SUN is an immensely good looking platformer game (which is also annoyingly difficult) that would look amazing on the vibrant new display of your flashy new iPhone 7."

a rank - edamame reviews

"It’s games like Lonely Sun that make games apps able to compete with other handheld devices and platforms."

- fan appic

"...if you like a healthy dollop of challenge, garnished with delicious sound design and served on a warm plate of top notch design."

- snappzilla

"Lonely Sun is a very intuitive game, with a celestial charm, and a cute, developing backstory to go with it."


"It’s a 2 dimensional platform game with an elegant twist. Instead of your usual buttons to move left and right, or jump, the player controls gravity by swiping the screen!"

8/10 - gray giant games

"From time to time, I cover interesting new games made by indie developers and here is a standout one by Rinikulous Games. It looks absolutely beautiful aesthetically and is currently also featured on the Apple App Store!"